Horse Assisted Education Online & Face-to-Face 2021

Gerhard holds a university degree M.A. in contemporary German Literature and Political Science. He is working as an entrepreneur since 1983, started IT training in 1986 and founded HorseDream in 1996 together with his wife, Karin. They both started with horse assisted leadership seminars, team training and horse assisted coaching on the market in 1998. The courses are held in English or German. The trainer certification qualifies for EAHAE membership.

Take a self-coaching session with our horses. Choose SUN, RAIN, SNOW or HAY.

This is an online experiment!  Start just watching and listening – without thinking. At the moment when your thoughts come up, note them down. When the video is finished, check your notes.

Watching Horses And Thinking About Work And Life

Let us talk about your thoughts in a 45-minute coaching session with horses.

Online-coaching for leaders, trainers and private persons

45- minute online coachings for leaders, trainers and private persons in English or German. Find out your core issues with a Horse Assisted Education video on Emotional Intelligence topics such as relationship management, conflict management and inspirational leadership and take one or more online-coaching sessions with Gerhard Jes Krebs.


Relationship Management
Are you sometimes wrong in your assessment of a situation? According to Daniel Goleman, relationship management is part of emotional intelligence and requires five competencies: influence, coaching and mentoring, conflict management, teamwork and inspirational leadership At the horse assisted online workshop you will learn about relationship management from a new perspective.
Conflict Management
Conflict management does not necessarily mean settling conflicts. It is mainly about recognizing conflicts. Contradictions can be the driving element of further development. But they can also lead to a blockade. How behave horses in conflict situations? And what can we learn from this for our everyday leadership? Watch the 4-minute video below about conflict management.
Leadership is a complex process. Some things can be better understood when you look at them from a different perspective. What happens to you in your everyday life as a manager and in your private life, is often not immediately apparent to you because you can only see what you can see. The HorseDream concept is based on the change of perspectives. You can experience it in our online seminars.

A Special Leadership Coaching For Father & Son And Mother & Daughter